I Can't See Shit!

Passive smoking also kills

Time runs so fast....maybe it's too fast

I don't wanna talk shits
Just let them go away
I won't fuck them up anymore

I think of you day by day, and it made me mad....

I don't know why the feeling keeps growing since the last time I saw you
It seems to be an everlasting passion, but it hurts too

I just want you to know that I will be with you
You can call me up whenever you need me

It's time to go, take care.


So Excited

Stay Away From Me, Please

I used to be a stupid and foolish guy
This is a truth, but I just know it recently....

Just watched an old movie called "Basic Instinct"
Actually, it's a good movie
If you like Sharon Stone, you must watch this movie (even I don't like her)
and also "Basic Instinct 2"

* 1 thing to remind: don't be a liar!!

In fact, someone wants to cheat me
I feel very annoying because of that shit guy
He/She wants me to learn guitar!!
I have played guitar for 6 years indeed!!
Although I'm not a professional, I'm not an amateur!!

So, please know a person well before you cheat!!

I love you forever