Climb Higher

Rage against the unfairness

窮過, 絕過, 是否開始翻身了?
(Progression: 60%)

I'm trying my best to resist the impact of passion
But it grows too fast indeed
Maybe I need someone who's willing to listen to me (a doctor? maybe)
In order to prevent depression

I'm not strong, or not strong enough
I always pretend to be a tough guy, but I'm definitely not
Especially when I thought of you....

Several years have gone, but I still miss you
I tried to forget you, but it's not possible
Since your shadow has been stored in my mind

Although you won't know this
or you know this but you don't believe it
I would like to tell you one thing
I will love you 'till the end of my life
Even though you don't love me
or you will never love me

Steve Vai - one of the most popular rock guitar players in the world

You're Here (G3 Live in Denver, 2003) : Steve used a 3-neck guitar (12-string, 6-string and fretless) to play the song. He also sang the song.

Building the Church (G3 Live in Tokyo, 2005) : He played the intro by using the tehnique called "2-hand tapping" which is invented by Eddie Van Halen.



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